The ZÜKÀ story

Our story began in 2009 in Pondicherry’s Centreville. Back then, we were a small chocolaterie focusing mainly on chocolates and chocolate delicacies. Today, we are privileged to connect with hundreds of customers serving mainly chocolates, chocolate delicacies, selection of crafted coffee beverages, fine pastries and other delectable treats. ZÜKÀ simply means a new beginning in Arabic. Much like our name, every day a new day for us at ZÜKÀ kitchen. We are constantly innovating and experimenting with chocolate to bring you the best chocolate delicacy in town.

The Pondicherry ZÜKÀ is the company’s flagship café that opened on the 23rd August 2009. This café being not more than 320 Sq. ft. has more than 200 chocolate delicacies to offer on a day to day basis and is thronged by visitors from across the country. ZÜKÀ opened in Chennai on the 10th of February 2016 at the prestigious KM Music Conservatory founded by renowned music director A.R. Rahman and a month later, we opened our café at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai that serves a more elaborate menu.

We are sweet and responsible

We have always believed ZÜKÀ should have a positive impact across the communities that we serve. One person, one chocolate and one neighborhood at a time is a vision that has inspired us to create an experience to remember. As we always say – Happiness Is Chocolate Shaped.


The joy of giving and receiving has the power to move people globally. It invites positivity and joy into the lives of many.

Generosity makes the world a warmer, caring and affectionate place to dwell in. It celebrates the goodness and crowns moments with a festive spirit. It is this vision that drives ZÜKÀ chocolate café to become a premium chocolate brand here that makes every day special. We achieve this inspirational goal by focusing on your satisfaction.

Superior chocolate is always pleasure in its purest form.


At the heart of ZÜKÀ chocolate café is the attention to detail and this essence can be felt in everything we do. To us, this means dedicating time to creating each product, evert collection, and all our exclusive delicacies and chocolate gifting options.

Each visit to ZÜKÀ chocolate café is a journey to discover new gift creations and exclusive style. Our signature spirit makes you feel treasured. It showers you with exclusive attention and transforms a chocolate experience from

ZÜKÀ chocolate café into a symbol of how much you care for the people in your life.


"Best place to enjoy chocolate!!!! Never miss visiting them at chennai and Pondicherry"

Vinodhini Naidu

The way they serve their beverages are eye candy n tastes well... Price range also very reasonable n without any taxes at all..


"Thanks very much for providing us a wonderful (Iranian Almond) cake for my daughter's naming ceremony"

Sri Hari Kumar

"Heaven for choc lovers must visit... chocolate pakora and moksha was awesome are my favourites"

Mrunalini Sathyanarayana

Hot chocolate with chaco spoon all time fav drink . I jus love it .

Ar Cindra

It doesn't get better than this .we went gaga over the hot chocolate and the Brazilian chocolate dessert. Elated to know they're in chennai too now .

Minka Kar

ZUKA The most famous cafe and choco centre in pondy has come to namma chennai and guess what it is bigger and better A must visit place for every chocolate lover. Has the best red velvet cake in town , they make new and cool stuff everyday. That's what makes this place special.

Vignesh Sasindran


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